Housing Policies and Programs in Guatemala (2000)

Title: Housing Policies and Programs in Guatemala: Diagnosis, Evaluation and Guidelines for Action (2000) -unpublished

Article Information: Report to the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Guatemala, Washington, D.C.

Authors: Shlomo Angel

Date:  September, 2000

Overview: This paper provides an analysis of the present economic, political, and social context of the Guatemalan housing sector, the conditions in the sector, and the status of housing policies and programs in the country at the present time, with the aim of shedding some light on why the expected results were not attained, and proposing a set of guidelines for corrective action. Its purpose is to organize and analyze the available information, so as to facilitate a fruitful discussion of housing policy and program reforms in Guatemala at this time, as well as to initiate a review of the present state of multilateral lending for comprehensive housing sector reforms in Guatemala and elsewhere.

Full Text (unpublished): Housing Policies and Programs in Guatemala (PDF)

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