The Down-Market Trend in Housing Production in Bangkok (1990)

Title: The Down‑Market Trend in Housing Production in Bangkok (1990)

Article in: Third World Planning Review

Authors: Shlomo Angel, Sureeporn Chuated

First published: 1990

Overview: There is usually a broad segment in which housing authorities can operate without significant competition from the private sector.  Lack of private-sector interest in this niche leads to the conclusion that it is unprofitable, and provides the rationale for central government budgets, concessions, subsidies and foreign loans which are all required to assist housing authorities in providing houses to those in need despite the losses it entails.  One of the key questions being explored by the Bangkok Land Management Study is whether or not such a niche exists in Bangkok at the present time.

Full Text: The Down-Market Trend in Housing in Bangkok (PDF)