Defining and Monitoring Target 11: A Policy Note (2004)

Title: Defining and Monitoring Target 11: A Policy Note (2004) -unpublished

Article Information: Submitted to the U.N. Human Settlements Programme and the World Bank

Authors: Shlomo Angel

Date: September, 2004

Overview: This policy note examines the major thrusts of the draft report of Taskforce 8 of the Millennium Project, rewords Target 11, proposes that Target 11 be the core target of a two–pronged global shelter policy, examines the policy implications of expanding Target 11 to include new shelter needs, and outlines a framework for monitoring it globally. It proposes that Target 11 be reworded to read: “By 2020, improving substantially the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers while providing adequate alternatives to new slum formation,” rather than “by deterring new slum formation” as proposed by the Taskforce.

Full Text (unpublished): Defining and Monitoring Target 11 – A Policy Note (PDF)