The Dimensions of Global Urban Expansion (2011)

Title: The Dimensions of Global Urban Expansion: Estimates and Projections for All Countries, 2000-2050 (2011)

Article in: Progress in Planning, Volume 75, Issue 2

Authors: Shlomo Angel, J. Parent, D. L. Civco, A.M. Blei and D. Potere

First published: 2011

Pages: 53-108

Overview: The rapid growth in global urban land cover is likely to continue as long as urban populations continue to grow, as long as incomes continue to rise, and as long as urban transport remains relatively cheap and affordable.  This article therefore seeks to refocus the attention of planners, policy makers and concerned activists on urban expansion in developing countries and to begin to examine its policy implications.

Full Text: The Dimensions of Global Urban Expansion (PDF)